Jason Jones

"In drawing up its regulations, we hope to set down nothing harsh, nothing burdensome." - Rule of St. Benedict

I'm a pastor in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Spokane, Washington. I'm originally from Missouri, and I've been in ministry for more than 20 years, with stops in Texas, Montana, New York State, and Indiana.

Rule of St. Benedict? A monk said to me, about the Rule that governs their life together, "We've been living by this for 1500 years, something must be working." His comment made me curious because so much in our modern world is transitory, here today and tomorrow forgotten. I'm offering little meditations on their Rule so that we, who live outside the monastic enclosure, might understand and learn from their enduring practices.

What's up with the photographs? Taking and sharing pictures is a spiritual practice where I learn to see and notice certain things. The pictures don't always match the subject of my post, but I share them here hoping they'll provide a contemplative atmosphere. If you'd like to share or use any of them, you're welcome to them (attributing them to me and this blog doesn't hurt either.)

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